New litter born January 25th, after:
Vestertorp Quito Mimosa and Breakpoints April of Ulthra.
3 Groenendael males, 1 Groenendael female,
1 Tervueren male and 3 Tervueren females.

New litter born 26/8 parents Grimmends Nayko and
Breakpoints Briza males available

New photos of the puppies 7 weeks old.
Male puppy available.

Tervueren male puppy for sale from the combination
Playboy de Belgerie x Breakpoint's Varga of Robin.

3 tervueren males and 1 tervueren female born 17th of June
after Playboy de Belgerie x Breakpoint's Varga of Robin.
Ready for new homes in middel of August.

New photos of the puppies 6 weeks old.

Breakpoint's Zara of Umbra have given birth to
1 groen. male, 1 red terv. female and 2 grey terv. females.

We are expecting puppies in May.
s.r. Korad Eternity's Lynx x Breakpoint's Zara of Umbra

Tervueren puppies are here !!
Breakpoint's Xoxo of Umbra has given birth to 4 males and 3 females.
The father to this litter is Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke.
Check out our page puppies.

We expect 1 tervueren litter and 1 groenendael litter in September.
Inquiries are most welcome. Puppies for show, sport, joy and a forever friend.

Breakpoint's Rubin of Coke x Breakpoint's Xoxo of Umbra.
Helko des Jardins D'Ebene x Breakpoint's Umbra of Nike.
 Litter Plans

Our future Litter Plans with these females.
Breakpoint's XoXo of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Ulthra of Nike.
Breakpoint's Umbra of Nike


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