2019-12-21. No puppies available, but feel free to contact if You are interesting in a puppy in the future

2019-12-05. We have this lovely tervueren male puppy for sale Breakpoint's Dundee of Ulthra

2019-11-02. Photo of Breakpoint's Charlie of Umbra and Breakpoint's Chiva of Umbra.

2019-10-24. New photos from our  D-litter 4 weeks old, and new photos
from our C-litter 5.5 weeks old. Charlie & Chiva.

2019-09-24. We have terv. and groen. puppies available.

1 red terv. male after
Uk Ch Sezanne Dances With Wolves x Breakpoint's Umbra Of Nike.

3 groen. males, 1 red terv. & 4 grey terv. after
Ixus van de Hoge Laer x NCh Breakpoint's Ulthra Of Nike.

2019-07-17. Breakpoint's Umbra of Nike has been mated to UK CH Sezanne Dances With Wolves.
Hopefully puppies in the midle of September. Chek out Litter Plans.

Our new spanish girl Thalia D`Aquivelt

Photos of our B-litter.
Breakpont's Barry of Varga
Breakpont's Bowie of Varga
Breakpont's Bosse of Varga
Breakpont's Briza of Varga
Breakpont's Blissey of Varga
Breakpont's Belle of Varga

2019-03-31. The puppies are 1 week old.

2019-03-24. The puppies are born 3 male and 3 females.

2019-01-20. Breakpoint's Varga of Robin has been mated to Caleb of Sunshinegarden.
Hopefully puppies around 23rd of March. Chek out Litter Plans.

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