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2012-07-21. Breed Show Finland. Judge: Pietro Vassallo, Italy.

Exc. CAC quality, CAC, best female, BOB, 2nd BIS.


2012-05-27. Breed Show Norway. Judge: Sandra Dubach. Holland.

Exc. CAC qaulity, best female, BOB, 2nd BIS.


2012-05-19. Breed Show in Holland.

2nd in Champion class.


2012-05-17. Breed Show Ivö. Judge: Linda Collins.

3rd best female, BOB champion,BIS 2 Champion.


2010-05-23. Breed Club Show Norway judge: Firmin Aertgerts, Belgium.

Exc. CAC quality, 4th best female..


2010-05-22. Breed Club Show Norway judge: Laura Vasssallo, Italy..

Exc. CAC quality, 2nd in champion class.


2009-09-12. Specialty Show in Nacka. Judge: Pietro Bottagisio, Italy.

Exc. CAC quality, 1st. Ch. class, best female, BOB, BEST IN SHOW !!!


2009-08-08. Finnish Specialty,

Exc. CAC, best female and BOS.


2009-08-01. SBU Specialty, judge: Dirk Spruyt.

CAC quality, 2nd best female.


2009-07-04. Show in Norway.

CAC, best female, BOB and Norwegian Champion !!!


2009-31-05. Norwegian Breed Show Judge: Benoit Thevenon, France

Exc. 1st in open calss, CAC, 2nd best female.


2009-30-05. Norwegian Breed Show Judge: Bente Harlem, Norway.

Exc. 1 st open class, CAC, best female, BOS.


2009-05-16. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Belgische Herdershonden ( N.V.D.H. )

Exc. 3rd in Fokker class


2009-05-10. Specialty Show in Czech Republic.

Exc. 1st in open class


2009-05-09. World Championship Belgian Shepherds

in Czech Republic. Exc 4th in open class


2009-04-19. Mental description with 1 on shooting.





No 3 for the Groenendael of the Year 2008.


2008-08-30. Specialty show in France.

Judge: Pauline Stern-Hanf. 1st in junior class.

Best junior groenenedael


2008-08-03. At Specialty Show in Denmark

Judge : Erik Desschans: CAC, best female, BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!!


Nederlandse Vereniging voor Belgische Herdershonden ( N.V.D.H. )

2008-05-24. Judge: Dhr. D. Spruyt (B).  1st exc in junior class  ( 19 entries )


2007-09-01 Unofficial Dog-Show in Nacka.

Judge: Harriet Franzčn  3rd best female puppy.