2017-12-23. Our new female Eternity's Perla.
Breakpoint's Yang of Ulthra has now the title S.JW-17 and SW-17.

2017-11-21. Photos of the puppies, 5 weeks old.

2017-11-07. Photos of the puppies, 3 weeks old.

2017-10-27. The puppies were born 17th of October, 6 males & 2 females.
Breakpoint's Zting of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zorro of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zeb of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zoran of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zero of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zingo of Umbra.

Breakpoint's Zweet of Umbra.
Breakpoint's Zara of Umbra.

2017-08-25. We expect tervueren puppies October.

2017-08-08. New photos of Breakpoint's Xoxo of Umbra,
Breakpoint's Varga of Robin, Breakpoint's Xara of Umbra,
Breakpoint's Xtra of Umbra, Breakpoint's Yenna of Ulthra

Breakpoint's Yang of Ulthra. Breakpoint's Unique of Nike
Breakpoint's Xanna of Umbra.

2017-04-02. More plans for 2017.

2016-12-31. New photos of 8 weeks old.
Breakpoint's Yes Per of Ulthra.
Breakpoint's Yezz of Ulthra.

Breakpoint's Yang of Ulthra.
Breakpoint's Yarras of Ulthra. 

Breakpoint's Ypthin of Ulthra.
Breakpoint's Yhanna of Ulthra.
 Breakpoint's Yenna of Ulthra.


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