p.E. DKch, Nch NW-10 Luavjan's Bono The One.
NBFK Winner 2009 BISS 2009.

Results from Dog-Shows.


2012-07-21. Breed Show Finland. Judge: Laura Vassallo, Italy.

Exc. CAC quality, 1st Ch. class, CAC, 2nd best male.


2012-05-27. Breed Show Norway. Judge: Sandra Dubach. Holland.

Exc. CAC quality, 1st CH. class. best male, BOS.


2012-05-26. Breed Show Norway.

Exc. CAC quality, 1st Ch. class, 3rd best male.


2012-05-20. Show in Bergen. Judge: Wenche Eikeseth.

Exc.  CAC quality, best male, BOB & 4th Best in Show !


2011 September, Breed Show in Bergen, judge: Pauline Stern Hanf.

Exc, best male & BOB.


2010-08-15. NKK Bjerke. Judge: M. Vermeire (B)

CAC quality, best male, CACIB, BOB & Norwegian Winner 2010, !!!


2010-05-23. Breed Club Show Norway judge: Firmin Aertgerts, Belgium.

Exc. CAC quality, best male, BOS.


2010-05-22. Breed Club Show Norway judge: Laura Vassallo, Italy.

Exc. CAC quality, best male, BOS.


07.03.2010. Nordhordland Hunde Klubb. Judge: Jeff Luscott, UK

Best males, CAC quality, BOB, BIG & 4th BEST IN SHOW !!!

Judge for Best in Show: Ritva Raita, FIN.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


28.11.2009. NKK Lillestrøm Norsk Vinner-09 judge: Sonny Ström.

CAC quality, 3rd best male.


27.09.2009. BSBK judge: Brenda Banbury

CAC quality, 3rd in champion class, 3rd best male.


26.09.2009. Specialty Show in Bergen, Judge: Laura Vassallo Italy.

CAC quality, 1st champion class, best male, BOS.



2009-08-01. Specialty Dog-Show in Sweden. Exc., CAC quality, 1st ch. class.

4th best male. BOB Ch. and 2nd Best in Show for Champions


2009-05-31. Norwegian Breed Show judge: Benoit Thevenon, France.

Exc. 1st ch. class, best male & BOS


2009-05-30. Norwegian Breed Show judge: Bente Harlem, Norway

Exc. 1st ch. class CAC quality, best male BOB & BEST IN SHOW !!!


2009-05-01. Specialty Dog-Show in Stavanger, Norway.Judge: Paul Lawless, Irland.

Exc. 1st champion class, best male with CAC quality & BOS


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


2008-08-30. Specialty show in France.

Test TAN & very good at show for  Deschamps.


2008-09-03. Specialty in Denmark, SBH.

Judge: Erik Desscahns : Best male & BOS.


2008-08-02. Specialty in Denmark SBH.

Judge : Mme Marie F. Varlet : CAC, BOS & Danish Champion.


2008-07-19. The Specialty in Finland. 4th in champion class for Deschamps.


2008-06-15. Oltedal Judge: Jørgen Hindse Madsen. CAC quality, 2nd best male.


2008-06-14. Oltedal Judge: Shoona Prebble. CAC, 2nd  best male & Norwegian Chapion !!!


2008-05-24. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Belgische Herdershonden ( N.V.D.H. )

Judge:  M. Vermeire (B) 3rd exc in open class ( 19 entries )

Social test +  and  Dutch Selection p.E.

Judges for the selection were Pauline Stern Hanf, W. M. van Deilj &  Erik Desschans


2008-05-11. NBFK Hemsedal avd Rogaland Specialty. Judge: Cahty Bond.

CAC quality.


2008-05-10. NBFK Hensedal Specialty. Judge: Anne-Marie Lipscombe.

CAC quality 3rd best male


2008-04-13. Stavanger. Judge: Wilhemine van Deijl.

Exc., 1st in open class, 3rd best male with CAC.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


2007-11-24. NKK Hamar. Judge: Ole Ataunskjær, DK

Exc., 1st in young class with honour prize.


2007-06-03. NKK Drammen, Judge: Miklos Levente.

Exc. 1st in young class with CAC quality , 2nd best male.


2007-05-27. NBFK av Østlandet, Special Dog-Show. Judge: Amanda McLaren.

Exc. 2nd best male with CAC. 2nd Best In Show Junior.


2007-05-26. NBFK, Special Dog-Show. Judge: Marie France Varlet.

Exc. Best male with CAC, BOS & 2nd Best In Show Junior.


2007-05-06. Sør-Rogaland Brukshundklubb. Judge: Gro Berge Johansen.

Exc. CAC quality 2nd best male.


2007-05-05. NBFK avd. Rogalamd. Judge: Marion Ten Cate.

Exc., Best male with CAC & BOS


2007-03-24. NKK Bergen, Judge: Sonny Ström.

Exc., 1-1, best male, CAC & BOS   


2007-03-11. Manger, Judge: Geir Nordahl Pedersen.

Exc., 1-1, CAC quality, 2nd. best male.